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Best Registry Cleaners for New Computers

While those early best registry cleaners sold well, Microsoft never responded with their own registry cleaner. Instead, they were more focused on patching security issues, fixing bugs, and lessening the occurrences of common critical errors so there will no longer be a need to repair the registry.

Microsoft is not very supportive manually edit the registry unless they specify otherwise support page. With their latest release Windows 7 to gain market share, computer users finally received a big change in the design, interface, and most importantly in stability. If you want to know more about the registry cleaner then you can visit at

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It even runs faster than Windows Vista under the same hardware specs. Combined with the latest high-speed processors and other system specs, overall performance isn't really a big deal unless heavy applications or games are running.

This may give some users think twice in buying one of the best registry cleaners. However, even Windows 7 uses the same registry structure and still lacks a registry cleaning solution so developers actively updating their software to repair the registry on Windows 7 support system.

Compatibility is by far the most important characteristics of a registry cleaner. Each operating system uses a different registry structure and the older registry cleaners may not be very familiar with how the entry is placed.