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Know About the Different Types of Wallpaper

Today's wallpapers are a viable and stylish alternative to decorative paint. Durability also increases, making modern wallpapers more vulnerable to quarrels and rips and more resistant to rubbing and washing.

First, let's discuss two main considerations: endurance and 'cleanability'. Durability is the ability of the wallpaper to deal with various abuses that will be charged. This can include abrasion, impact damage, and moisture damage.

It is important to have durable wallpaper in areas that are vulnerable to high humidity levels. These areas include the entrance, laundry room, kitchen, bathroom and children's room. You can have Thibaut wallpapers with transitional designs and 5 star rating products.

Now let's look at various types of the wallpaper itself. There are Vinyl Coated Paper, Paper Backed Vinyl, and Fabric Backed Vinyl. Their details are below:

Vinyl Coated Paper is by far the most commonly used wallpaper. Its popularity is due to the balance between cost-effectiveness and resilience. Coated Vinyl paper is known for its easy cleaning and moisture resistance.

Paper Backed Vinyl is a type of wallpaper that is slightly less common (although it is still widely used). Paper Backed Vinyl is less commonly used because of its low resistance to the effects of damage and abrasion.

Fabric Backed Vinyl is very durable and very resistant to cleaning and rubbing. Fabric Backed Vinyl is known to withstand extreme conditions including excessive oil coloring, moisture, moisture, and frequent abrasive cleaning and rubbing.