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What Can You Do If Your Home Gets Flooded By A Burst Pipe

A home is only happy as long as it is healthy and trouble-free! Unfortunately, bad stuff (like a burst pipe) can happen. The more prepared you are with solutions to the icky stuff, the easier it is to recover and move forward. So what should you do if you end up with a flooded home?

Steps to take when your happy home faces water damage

Water damage, whether from a natural disaster or plumbing issues, can ruin your floors, walls, and ceilings. If you don’t get the place dried up quickly, you could face a severe mold problem, and of course, your personal effects could be damaged beyond repair. However, It would be highly recommended to get help from the expert via for burst pipe repair.

Acting quickly and following the right steps can save your home from complete destruction and save you from having to spend a lot of money on repairs.

Immediate Cleanup

If it is safe to do so, your first step should be to turn off the breakers to the affected area – you don’t want to get shocked by the electrical current running through the water or end up with a fire on top of your flooding problem. In addition, assuming the problem came from a broken pipe, turn off the water supply.

Once you’re safe, and the source of the water has been addressed, rescue any of your personal items and take them to a dry area, and clean up as much of the water as possible. You may be able to use a mop for lighter jobs, but if there is an exorbitant amount, a wet-dry vacuum will be a great help.