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Things You Need to Know About Commercial Trucking Insurance

Commercial truck insurance will protect you from the risks that are common to a trucking business such as vehicle damage, theft, and employee injury. Getting commercial truck insurance make the difference between bankruptcy or continue business with minimal losses.

Understanding the totality of commercial truck insurance can be confusing, but knowing the basics will make it easier to choose the right insurance package for your business. A typical truck insurance usually covers four areas, namely Primary Duties, Liabilities Trucking cigarettes, motorcycles Truck Cargo and General Liability. You can check out for getting more knowledge about commercial insurance services.

The main liability insurance is what the truckers have to legally drive on the street. This includes damage to property and injury to people. Coverage of at least $ 750,000 is required to legally drive a truck. If an accident occurs, this amount will be used to cover the damage. In cases where the amount of damage in excess of the sum insured, you may be required to pay the remaining costs.

General insurance covers all accidents occur on the road. In addition to being on the road, the truck also stopped for loading, unloading, and rest stops and accidents can happen during this time. general risks with stops including theft and vandalism.

Motor Truck Cargo includes cargo that you carry in your truck. This coverage is not mandated by the government but your clients may require it. This ensures that the cargo will reach to the destination safely and protected against damage and theft.