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What Type Of CNG Kits Are Available In Market And Read The Benefits Of Using CNG In Car

CNG for vehicles mainly come in two types. One is factory fitted and another one is retrofitted.

Factory fitted CNG kits

  • In factory fitted CNG kits, cars are equipped with CNG kit right from the factory.
  • These kits are tailored according to the particular model or version of a car and cannot be installed in any other.
  • These are safer as compared to its counterparts. However, it may weigh more on your pocket.
  • People in India mostly prefer to have the cars with CNG kit Pre-installed as the warranty remains intact.

Retrofitted CNG fuel kits

  • Any car which is running on petrol can be converted to CNG.
  • These types of kits can be installed in any model irrespective of make or version.
  • The cost of installing this kit is comparatively less than the factory fitted kit. If you are living in city like Chandigarh, then you can get CNG kit installation Chandigarh from Lucky CNG center.

Benefits of using CNG

  • CNG has high octane rating of about 130.
  • In terms of emissions, the engine has better combustion process, hence less emissions noticed as compared to petrol fuel.
  • Cars with CNG kit installed have low level of Noise vibration harshness.
  • The overall cost of running a CNG vehicle is low.

We hope you have learnt a lot about CNG from this post and will definitely consider for your car. In case, you need any information, you can contact Lucky CNG fitment center.