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Top Bollywood Celebrities – Katrina, Kareena, Deepika

Celebrities from the film industry have been idols of young people from these developing countries of India for many years. In the Indian subcontinent, the list of the best celebrities in Bollywood is constantly being updated from time to time, and their popularity is largely determined by the best films they provide. You can also get updated on bollywood celebrities via

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In the past two months, no film has managed to become the blockbuster of its time. However, top celebrities still maintain their rankings. Here we have reviewed some of the best Indian female celebrities.

Katrina Kaif – number one. This Indian celebrity has captivated the hearts of Indian audiences for more than a year with her outstanding acting and highly attractive and international looks. He has an awful lot of fans that flock to each of these most popular celebrity gatherings, and the police are currently facing tough times, according to sources. 

The actress's attitude and basic instincts for acting also played an important role in her rise to the first position. It's also well calculated that it will stay in the first place for a long time.

Karina Kapoor – number two. According to the celebrity rating industry, BollyWoods number two is the hot Karina Kapoor. She is the most colourful actress in the entire industry. Her cute looks, bold style, and good acting skills have developed over time. 

Deepika Padukone – number three. After releasing a few films, Miss Deepika Padukone is a new face at BollyWood. He did so well that he was placed above Raja Khan – Shahrukh Khan in the overall table. She maintains a list of the most wanted names (for Indian actresses) worldwide. All of this was made possible thanks to his very executive role in his first film "Om Shanti Om".