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Why You Should Consider Purchasing Long and Shorty Bunk Beds

The double bunk beds are known to be the children's best friend. As children grow up, they need more space to play and study. This is where the double bunk beds with stairs come in handy. It not only saves you from wasting more space at night, but it makes bedtime even more fun.

There are many people who believe that double beds with stairs will be very expensive. But that is not true anymore. These days, you can find good quality double beds with stairs at a reasonable price. Here we have listed the top three advantages of such beds.

* The first advantage of these bunk beds with stairs is that it helps you save some floor space. With two beds on one side, you save a lot of floor space. You can use this extra space for other purposes as well such as a study desk or entertainment area. When you have two beds, there is no room for additional furniture and things. So by having double size bunk beds with stairs, you will be able to utilize all the available space in your house.

* The second advantage of double bunk beds with stairs is that they are very sturdy. Nowadays, almost every manufacturer has designed and produced a sturdy set of bunk bed stairs. In fact, almost every single bunk bed comes with built-in stairs. So if you get a good manufacturer, you will be able to get a sturdy set of stairs.

* The third advantage of these beds is that you can choose either wood or metal. And, you can choose them according to your budget. Most people prefer metal and you will find that most of them are lightweight than wooden bunk beds. However, if you want a wooden bunk bed, you can look for one at a reasonable price and still be able to buy a good quality set of stairs.

* Another thing that makes double bunk beds with stairs, a good choice is that they come with a ladder. Most of them do not come with built-in ladders but you can buy them separately from the manufacturer or even online. Some of them come with built-in ladders but you should always consider adding a ladder of your own.

* One more advantage of these bunk beds with ladders is that they provide a more comfortable sleeping position for your children. Since the ladder is higher than the ceiling, it provides a great way to sleep at a higher altitude. Also, you will have to make sure that the ladder is actually strong enough to support the weight of your child when he jumps off from the top. Most manufacturers recommend a one-inch-thickness spacing between the bottom of the ladder's rung and the edge of the ceiling.

* One last tip when it comes to choosing a bunk bed with a ladder is to ensure that the bottom part of it has some sort of handle. This way, you will be able to easily get your child up from the top. In addition, make sure that there are also wooden slats on the sides of the ladder. The slats will allow your child to climb down without damaging the ladder itself. You should also keep in mind that installing a wooden slat on the side of the bed will also add another touch of elegance to your bedroom.

* Although bunk beds with sliding doors are a more expensive option, they are also usually much more sturdy. This means that they can also last longer. In addition, they usually feature a more secure lock so that your child can sleep soundly without having the fear of their bedroom being opened. Again, you will want to double check this before purchasing your double bunk bed.

* As with any type of bedding, double bed with ladders should be placed as close to the wall as possible. This will help maximize the amount of floor space available for you or your children. Remember, you will always want to keep a good amount of floor space available for walking around the room. Another benefit of placing your bunk beds near the wall is that your children will be within easy reach of the top bunk beds. This way they will always have their books and other items close by.

* The final reason to purchase long and shorty bunk beds is because they will work better with varying floor heights. It has been proven that taller children have a harder time reaching the top bed. This is because it is harder to see over tall ceilings. Thus, you will want to purchase a bed that is higher off the ground.