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Timber Cladding and Its Importance

If you have an old wooden structure in your house that is in disarray, it may be time to choose a timber cladding. 

This would be a cheaper way to maintain wood structures such as in the maintenance of wooden windows compared to having to make wood structures from scratch. 

There are softwood varieties that tend to corrode faster while hardwood varieties last longer. If you have softwood varieties, you will benefit from timber cladding on the structure made of wood. 

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Cladding can be of various types. The cladding technique can be in the form of a boat lap, tapered lap, notched lap, chamferboard and so on. 

Timber cladding is carried out on the outside of the wooden structure and used a double wall. The inner wall usually consists of panels, plaster, and drywall. 

Usually, the outer cladding acts as a barrier against moisture and prevents moisture from direct contact with wood structures. 

The cavity between the walls is filled with insulation, plumbing, and electrical cables as well. 

Therefore, if you plan to make a room with wooden walls decorative, you can choose exterior cladding to hide cables and insulation or other connections you might have along the wooden walls.