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Things You Must Know About Cremation?

Cremation is really an important part of anyone’s life. You can take the help of professionals to get the best cremation services. Check out the best cremation packages by clicking at:

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The Cremation Process Step-by-Step: How Does it Work?
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Here are some things you need to know about cremation terms, and cremation urns available today:-

Cremation urn size – Cubic Inches (CI) is the spatial volume or ash and measures how much ash a cremation urn can hold. The description of a cremation urn always gives the volume (ash capacity) in cubic inches. 

Cremation urn art – Art made of a small piece of cremation (blown glass, painting, and art) and large size memorial or pendant urn holding a small piece of cremation, cloth, locks of hair, dried flowers, etc. – 2 cubic inches).

Cremation urn for baby – Cremation urn that can accommodate a child (standard size between 5 – 75 ci).

Cremation urn keepsakes/mementos – Souvenirs are usually small urns or tags containing a small piece of cream, a small piece of cloth, a strand of hair, dried flowers, etc. (usually 1-2 cubic inches).

Rosary Urn for Storing Rosary – A handmade urn for burning a rosary (urn on a cross) is a beautiful reminder that includes a small piece of creman, a small piece of cloth, a strand of hair, dried flowers, etc. (usually 1-2 cubic inches).Traditional Cremation Urn – Usually made of hand blown glass, marble, metal(s) and/or wood that can accommodate an adult (standard size approx 200 ci).