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The Proper House Washing method

Every house should be washed to remove pollutants and surface oxidation. You begin by applying low pressure, specially formulated home washing detergents to the exterior of your home. 

Then switch to high-pressure rinse and clean each row and/or pattern of siding. (The rinse is started outside the drain and works under the foundation.)

With this type of proper home washing, you will get excellent results. It also makes competitors who we use the "splash and dash" method look like amateurs. A scam called "soft wash" ("splash and dash" or "soft wash") refers to someone who sprinkles, rinses and leaves bleach (sodium or calcium hypochlorite) at home.

house washing

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Bleach does absolutely nothing for cleansing carbon monoxide pollutants like acid rain, exhaust carbons (from vehicles), dirt, grease or dirt on your house.)

There are different levels of cleanliness and different qualities of work. Power washers who follow this type of cleaning are those who "set the standards" in the power washing industry and feel that the best way to work is the only way you want to wash your home.

90% of homeowners do not ask if a power-washer is protected. They do not ask because they assume that they are. They also assume that "it is only water, what harm can it cause."

This is one of the most important questions to ask a professional power washer or any contractor for that matter. Householders have been harmed by financially illiterate or insufficiently insured power washers.