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The Amazingly Radical Relativity of the Bible

"Radical" is usually not a descriptive term that will be used about something that already exists for a long time except it is different and maintains its unique status. The Bible has been read, studied, examined, discussed, and is seen under microscopic investigations from both looking for beginner and learning scholars. 

The true content has been questioned throughout the century. Many Historical Bible accounts have been doubted or categorized as mere fiction. Legends and stories of ancient culture were passed down from generation to generation. You can find a large bible poster at an affordable price online via

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Overall, as far as the archaeological community, there are many who verify the authenticity of the script and the history of the Bible. But, there is no purpose for this article. What makes the Bible very radical in its relativity? What even made it "relative?" This is the theme. 

The complete theme of the Bible is related to the desire of creators to restore His creation to themselves. It's radical. It's relative because it covers everything. The Bible describes man as an irreplaceable part of the eternal blueprint. From the incident to Wahyu the theme is the same:  

Heaven is lost, Paradise is restored. The strength of the whole concept is based, not on what humans have done or can be done to be restored, but, but on what God did to get humanity back to the original design. The man, then, went in a unique position to be able to choose his own destiny. Exchange is the most important. The aim of this theme is to show the cost of restoration.