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Perfect Wine goes perfectly with a Perfect Glass


There’s a reason as to why wine glasses exist. When it comes to casual attitude, you can consume wine either directly from the bottle or use a coffee mug, jar, cup etc. However, if you’re in the wine industry, then having white or red wine in a glass can help you get information of the wine such as the aromas, flavors, etc. These are a few types of wine glasses you should know.

  1. Red Wine Glass –If you wish to get a taste of tannins and spices coming from your favorite red wine, then this is the glass for you. One helpful tip would be to look for the glass consisting of wide opening that will allow you to enjoy the smoothness of the wine.
  2. White Wine Glass – White wine lovers will enjoy having their favorite wine in this glass. This is a glass that allows the wine to maintain cool temperature where the aromas and acidity of the wine is preserved.
  3. Bordeaux Glass – Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc are some of the aged wines that can only be enjoyed when had in a Bordeaux glass. This glass come with larger surface and wide opening allowing you to the smooth taste of the wine where the alcohol evaporates quicker.
  4. Standard Red Wine Glass – If you wish to enjoy standard red wines consisting of high alcohol content then standard red wine glass is the one for you. This type of glass has smaller openings that allow the spices to hit the throat directly. Some of the best red wines to be had in this glass include Zinfandel, Malbec, Syrah and Petite Sirah.

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