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Marketing Accounting Services To Auto Body Shops

Accountants are discovering that specialized industry knowledge is necessary for marketing services to niche industries. Accounting firms have discovered that each industry they serve has it’s own unique set of operating systems and procures, and what may be the norm in one industry may not be appropriate for another. In fact, the IRS has identified over 100 different industries and niches with unique operating characteristics.

The business and operational principles of an automative body shop are different from your typical retail or manufacturing business.

Today’s auto body shop and collision repair center require the use of large and complex estimating databases, covering every aspect of estimating complete and accurate labor times and labor notes for the thousands of operations performed on existing and newly introduced vehicle models. The use of these databases is a difficult and ongoing challenge in that only a very small fraction of the labor values within these products are based on actual physical time studies.

All “Database Information Providers” utilize a variety of methodologies to develop the labor values in their products, that can at times result in information that does not accurately reflect the real world labor requirements of a repair operation which in turn can hinder the ability of an average estimator to consistently produce accurate repair estimates or “blueprints” that match the actual repair process.