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Imported Timber Types and Products

Imported wood is used in various construction projects to make decking, furniture and doors and window sills. This article discusses some of the most popular types of import timers, what the characteristics of each are, and how you can find and choose the best wood supply company for your needs.

Selangan Batu is a type of wood that generally has a brownish yellow color and smooth texture. If you are looking for wholesale timber supplies then you can browse various online sources.

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It is durable and suitable for use in a variety of heavy-duty construction projects. Stone grooves are commonly used to make pergola posts, porch posts, columns, beams, docks, decking, and walkways.

Lime is yellowish wood that features fine and interlocked grains. This is hardwood, which is suitable for use in several applications, including for building beams, heavy frameworks, bridges, boards, and railroad levels.

Reeded decking is a type of decking that has several ridges or grooves on one side of the decking. This produces a beautiful effect on the decking to make it more visually appealing. Both stone and kilpur grooves are available in reed format. Other types of wood can also be stretched out if needed. Mainly it is used to make fences, floors, and panels.

Plywood is a type of wood panel produced. Plywood is a popular choice in many projects because it is very resistant to cracking, splitting and warping. It's also very cheap compared to other types of wood. There are soft plywood and hard plywood, as well as plywood designed for external use.