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How to Find the Right Therapist For Anxiety Treatment?

If you need a panic treatment for your anxiety disorder and you have tried self-treatment, then you must call a professional. It is now time for you to need medical treatment and you do not know how to find the right therapist for the treatment of anxiety and panic.

You can look for psychiatric treatment via or you can also make a visit to your local psychiatrist.  Before deciding what type of therapist you need, let's first look at the different classifications available and the areas of specialization for each of them.

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Psychologist: A psychologist is trained in psychotherapy, psychological testing and counseling. A psychologist studies human behavior and the human spirit and can help you discover deep and disturbing emotional issues that you do not even know.

Unlike a psychiatrist, a psychologist is not allowed to prescribe medications and should refer you to a psychiatrist if a medication is needed. To help people recognize and change their misperception of themselves and their environment, a psychologist can use techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Psychiatrist: A licensed physician who specializes in the identification and treatment of psychiatric or mental illnesses. A psychiatrist is trained in "conversation therapy" and psychotherapy to change a person's thought patterns or behavior. As a psychiatrist is a licensed physician, they have sufficient medical education and can prescribe the right medications for our condition.

Social worker:  Responsible for helping people to function properly, to manage personal and family problems and to provide advice on relationships and to strengthen a person's social and psychological role in society, the social worker must also demonstrate understanding , compassion, advice and advice for personal relationships.