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How To Choose Different Marquee Tents For Events?

The flexibility allows marquees to be placed over the ponds and swimming pools in gardens, trees and shrubs, as well as flower beds. This creates a more engaging and visually appealing space for your event. Frame marquees are also significantly more secure over traditional pole marquees. They also offer a longer shelf life that is particularly beneficial for hiring marquees.

Another benefit that frame marquees have is that they are able to be easily put up against walls, and use it as a wall to house the marquee. This is perfect for garden parties as well as wedding receptions in which the back door of an existing house could be used. This allows the host of the event to use the areas in their home and the marquee for the event. It is a good option to find more about inflatable marquee hire at

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While pole marquees are for the majority of time made from canvas frames are constructed out of a PVC as well as PE (polythene) substance. Modern materials benefit from being more durable and more easy to maintain and clean.

Frame marquees aren't your only choice when planning an outdoor wedding or corporate event. Most popular for corporate events are high-peak tents. These tents can be in the majority of the time, similar in appearance as frame marquees apart from having a floating pole that is fixed to the ground with cables that are positioned across the entire tent, above the head height.

This floating pole that gives high-pitched marquees their distinctive appearance. These kinds of marquees are more appealing visually both from the outside as well as inside because of their beautiful design.

Marquee tents typically consist of parts that can be used to join multiple marquees and make them suitable for music festivals as well as large corporate events.

Typically, weddings and corporate events planners hire marquees. However, certain larger businesses are beginning to purchase their own and keep the marquees themselves. Most of the time marquees are costly to purchase for what will be used on occasion, so the majority of people prefer to hire rather than purchase marquees.