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Different Types Of Commercial Insurance Brokers

The world of commercial insurance brokers will seem like a mystery to the average person. This is because commercial insurance is one of the most complex branches of insurance.

For example, few people will know that there are many types of commercial insurance brokers available. Each one has its unique ways of operating, strengths, and limitations. You can also find an insurance broker through

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Most people will only be aware that there are large, established insurance companies. The smaller, more niche operators will be known to a small percentage of the population, mostly via research or word-of-mouth. Sometimes, however, these other types of commercial brokers might be better suited to what an individual or company is looking for than the more mainstream options. 

Insurer-Owned Brokers

The most prolific and widespread sub-section of commercial insurance is the insurer-owned company. Many of the best-known and most well-known commercial brokers are part of this group. 

These outfits are typically owned by large insurance companies who often dictate their standards and practices. This model was once the industry standard for commercial brokering in certain countries for decades. 

However, it is losing ground as these outfits have become less effective. Experts now argue that the model is outdated and predict that insurance companies-owned commercial brokers will continue to lose market share in the years ahead.

Broker Networks

Broker networks are small, independent insurance brokers that share their resources, assets, and market opportunities. This model is ideal and beneficial for companies who choose to join. Many of the networks offer better commissions to individual brokers, as well as better service conditions for the whole network. However, there are still differences in how countries adhere to this type of network.