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Classification of Concrete Fissures

Fissures mean the crack in some parts of the building. Apart from it, when the material gets harder or dried than there are some aspects that are taken into consideration due to which the cracking takes place.

Dried depletion split:

It is caused because of the loss of moisture from the material used in the building. When the material is wet it has expansion property but after dryness, it becomes compressed and lost its volume of material.

If you want to know more facts that are responsible for cracking, you may go through this

Concrete Crack

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Temperature variations:

When the material is preparing it passed from different weathers like heat and cold which results in reducing the mass of a substance. Cement becomes dehydrated due to this cause.

The reaction of chemicals:

When more than one substance is combined with each other than there are some chemical formulations done that have great impacts on the measurements.


The rusting of iron is known as corrosion. In the contact of water and hydrogen, it becomes corroded and become less tensile and the stability of material becomes very low.

Improper designing plan:

Appearance means a lot when you are going to construct a building. A designer is responsible for checking all the aspects even every nook of the room the and if there is any error in this than it will lead to the faults.