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All About Video Testimonial

Video has become mainstream for business owners. Recording your business on film used to be prohibitively expensive and out of reach for most small businesses. Now with all of the new mobile video devices flooding the market, it is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. 

While there are a number of different ways to use this technology, one of the best is to use video testimonials. Video testimonials are exactly what they sound like. You can have more information on video testimonials online.

A Customer Testimonial Video Includes These 7 Things

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Instead of having a customer write down their appreciation in a letter that can be pulled out of thin air, you tape them talking about how they have been helped by your business.

The benefit of doing this is twofold. First, by showing a prospect a recording of how a previous customer enjoyed the products that you offer you remove any doubt of whether the testimonial is real.

Dubious referrals create doubt in a prospect's mind of whether you are creating fluff referrals to generate business. Instead, when you use a video testimonial there is no doubt that someone endorsed your product.

The best part is that you now have someone else to do the talking for your business. It prevents the running of the mouth that can be typical among salespeople. You are now the authority, and you have gained credibility as well without having to hard-sell a prospect.