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Which Tent Style Is Best For You?

There is an incredible variety of tents out there today in a variety of styles and materials, all of which are made for different needs and environments. The type of tent that you need will depend on how and where you plan to use it. In which environment it will be used; hot or cold, rain or dry? How many will sleep with you? Will you bring your tent to camp from the car or backpacking? Below is a quick look at the different styles and uses of tents in hopes of giving even beginners superior when trying to choose the perfect home away from home.

Traditional A-frame tents or ridges

A-frame or ridge tent form in the form of A when it was established and has been used for years. They are generally lightweight themselves but require an extra tarp for weather protection which makes them heavy to carry. Headroom is very limited due to steep sloping sides and they are not very sturdy in strong winds. Usually they consist of two poles at each end with one pole in the middle and a cloth tent hanging on a ridge. Maintaining this general design can work well if you are stranded or lost in the interior and have a poncho or other cover where you can make a quick emergency shelter.

The modified A-frame version uses curved poles instead of straight poles which allows better wind stability and better headroom and interior. They also have rain flies that allow you to leave tarps at home making them lighter. 

Dome tents

Dome tents seem to be the most popular nowadays. Look around the primitive campsites and you will see many dome-style tents. A rather simple construction is carried out with a number of flexible poles passing through each other in the middle of the roof with the ends propagating to the base or tent floor. This construction provides the tent with strong stiffness so that it is easy to move after installation if needed, is stable in strong winds and can handle the amount of snow falling properly.

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These tents also provide a large headroom, spacious living room and can accommodate separate rooms or porches to store equipment and equipment. They can load one person into a large family and are easy to throw and easy to carry. Its shape makes it hotter efficiently and the rain fly does a good job of keeping the inside dry. The strength and rigidity of the design tends to decrease because the tent is getting bigger.