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What is Gabion and its Types?

Gabion is a welded wire cage or box filled with stone, concrete, sand, or soil. The gabion is a partially flexible block used in construction for slope stability and erosion protection. Gabions of various types are built and used in various engineering constructions. Live rooting branches may be placed between the rock-filled baskets to increase the gabion's durability and stability. For more details about gabion, you can check this site –

Different types of Gabions:

There are several gabion configurations that can be chosen based on cost and function. Gabion comes in several varieties, the most common of which are as follows:

Gabion Baskets: It is a net wire mesh that comes in box shapes and a variety of sizes.

  • Used in highway and railway construction.

Gabion Mattresses: Reno Mattresses, also known as gabion mattresses.

  • Gabion mattresses are shorter in height than other types of measurements.

  • It is used in channel coating to prevent erosion. As a result, it addresses wave and erosion-induced velocity.

  • 6 m long, 2 m wide, and 0.33 m high is a typical size.

Gabion Sacks: This type of gabions is formed quickly.

  • It has a porous and flexible structure.

  • Gabion sacks are usually used in hydraulic works in emergency conditions

Gabion has a very high resistance to atmospheric corrosion due to the well-bonded zinc coating on the wire and its ability to support vegetation growth.