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Ways CEOs Manage their Time


CEOs are known to work for about 62hours per week based on a study by Harvard Business Review. Although CEOs work for so many hours on a weekly basis, they still have the time to take care of other things such as come up with strategic plans for the company they work for. These are some of the ways on how CEOs manage their time.

  1. Alarm – When it comes to rise and shine, most of the CEOs get up as early as 4.30am. This time is perfect for some CEOs who are more productive while others find this time to make schedule for the entire day.
  2. Exercise – Majority of popular CEOs are known to work-out early morning rather than late evening. CEOs get up early in the morning and prefer to get some form of exercise such as playing games like badminton, gym, swimming, tennis etc. In fact, CEOs often agree that working out in the morning allows them to stay fit and healthy.
  3. Decisions – Decision making is known to be one of the major source of time-wasting. For instance; CEOs often don’t even bother about what kind of food they are going to eat or what shirt and tie they will wear to their workplace. CEOs such as Mark Zuckerberg is known to wear the same clothes on a regular basis while Warren Buffet doesn’t mind having the same meal every day.

These are some of the ways CEOs manage their time. CEOs also hire business coaches to help them in their line of work. In Melbourne, business coach is known to offer professional services to their clients.