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Try Out these Delicacies While Visiting Indonesia


No doubt, Indonesia is one of the best destinations in the world where you get to enjoy visiting islands, beaches or even get hooked to tons of watersport activities. That does not give you the idea of how Indonesia really is. The food, for instance, is considered to be one of the best delicacies in the world where tourists love to eat it on a daily basis. So, if you visit Indonesia, then you have to try out some of these delicacies.

  1. Fried Rice – Now, fried rice is basically a popular dish in China. However, Indonesian fried rice is still different than that of the Chinese. Indonesia’s version of fried rice involves the addition of beef, chicken, seafood and in some cases just vegetables which makes the dish even more exciting and tasty.
  2. Oxtail Soup – As the name suggests, the oxtail is the star of this dish that is packed with deliciousness. Aka Sop Buntut, this dish is known to be highly delicious and healthy by the locals which is either served in the form of fried or BBQ. So, try it out.
  3. Indonesian Satay – If you love grilled kebabs, then the Indonesian Satay is going to be a dish you will love. This dish is known to be addictive due to its rich taste and can be found in any corner of Indonesia. While you’re having this dish, rice cakes and peanut sauce is added for extra yumminess.

These are a few lists of dishes you should definitely try in Indonesia. Besides that, you will need to get the best package for your Indonesia tour.