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Truffle Salt and Pasta

When you're looking for a new way to season your favorite foods, look no further than black truffle sea salt. This small crystallized salt offers many unique cooking characteristics that make it ideal for adding to a wide variety of cuisines. Truffle salt also helps to reduce and eliminate the formation of crystals in high-quality foods, such as meats and fish. Here are some of the best ways to use truffle salt.

Herbs & Fish: One of the greatest aspects of using this particular salt is its use in cooking. Its use in making your favorite dishes can help you create delightful meals that are both healthy and delicious at the same time. Most chefs will tell you that sea salt is primarily used in cooking. However, using black truffle salt allows you to inject an amazing amount of flavor into your favorite dishes. Sea salt has a very salty flavor, which some people find to be overpowering, especially in their favorite Italian dishes. However, using black truffle salt instead makes these dishes a healthier alternative.

Salads & Dishes Scrambled Eggs & sausage are two great examples of dishes that can be made healthier when laced with truffle salt. By sprinkling truffle salt over the top of your eggs, before you bake them, you can help to reduce the occurrence of mineral deposits within your baked goods, as well as reducing the potential for mineral loss due to excessive heat scrambled eggs, which contain large amounts of protein, are also known to help to maintain the cholesterol levels of dieters.

French Fries & Sausage Can be seasoned with truffle salt to bring out the natural flavors in French fries & sausages. These salty snacks are typically high in fats, so using sea salt to sprinkle on your fries or sausages will help to reduce your overall fat consumption while still providing a delicious flavor. In addition to helping to cut back on fats, sea salt will also help to reduce the occurrence of mineral deposits on French fries and sausage. By adding truffle salt to your French fries or sausage, you will be able to enhance the salty flavor without adding unhealthy fats.

Fish That You Like For example, salmon makes a fantastic combination with truffle salt, especially if you have a high-fat fish dish such as salmon nuggets. Salty brines are great for this type of dish, as they help to draw out the natural flavors in this fatty fish, while simultaneously protecting it against excess fats. On the other hand, smoked fish is best served with its own type of finishing salt, such as smoked garlic salt, which helps to give the dish an even more delicious flavor.

Scrambled Eggs Another great combination that you can make when it comes to using truffle salt with fried foods is a truffle salt/shrimp mixture on top of your fried eggs. You can prepare this by simply mixing together sea salt and butter. You can also purchase a variety of truffle salt and shrimp seasoning from various grocery stores and spice sections at your local supermarket. To make the scrambled eggs taste even better, you can add some chopped scallions, chopped parsley, and fresh parsley to the mix as well.

Country Style Shrimp If you're trying to eat healthier, country-style shrimp can be a great addition to your diet. Just use black truffle sea salt to season your shrimp, then brush it lightly with olive oil before grilling it. This will create a delicious, healthy, and inexpensive shrimp dish that you can enjoy for dinner. Simply drizzle on some more olive oil, if desired, and sprinkle some more sea salt onto your shrimp. Serve with your favorite side dish, and you will be sure to be devoured by your family.

Asparagus Another great combination you can use truffle salt and pasta is to season both sides of your asparagus spears with it. Simply mix together a tablespoon of truffle salt and a teaspoon of olive oil. Heat the olive oil on your cast iron skillet, and cook your asparagus spears until they are just soft. Then, use a mixture of the oil and the salt to rub onto the spears. Once you have done this, place the spears on your plate and drizzle some more olive oil over them. This will help to ensure that they stay fresh and you don't have to worry about them going bad before you get to eat them!