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Tips on Choosing a Marquee

Marquees are a great solution for temporary structures that can be used to host any type of event or occasion, whether it's a private party, corporate event, or wedding. What are the factors to consider when selecting one? Marquees come in many styles and designs to suit any occasion.

How to choose a marquee?

Most people want to know how much it will cost. It depends on the type of function (e.g., wedding, party) and how many people are attending. As this will impact the cost, it is also important to know how the interior will look. You can also hire the colorful marquee via

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Consider how many tables and chairs you will need, what flooring is needed, and what soft furnishings you prefer. You should also consider the amenities available. A freshwater supply will be required if there is no water supply. The same goes for electrical supplies and toilets.


Location is another important consideration. Location is an important factor in setting the scene for your event and making it easy for people to reach it. It is also important to consider the surrounding environment. Parking and access to your car are important considerations. 

A large garden with trees, flowers, and scenic views is the ideal setting for weddings. A city or town center setting might be better for a business event as it will reflect the environment of the marquee. You can contact local councils and landowners to find possible locations for your marquee. Modern marquees do not use guy ropes or poles. However, this design is still very popular.