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Tips for a Surviving Full Moon Party

Every backpacker should check off the Full Moon Party, which takes place on the beach. The party is held on the full moon every month. It has grown exponentially since its beginnings in the 80s.

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This festival brings together travelers from all over the world to dance and drink. If you’re not careful, the party can become dangerous and chaotic. These are some tips to make the full moon party enjoyable.

Book your accommodation in advance – Hotels in the area are very popular during this period. It is best to make reservations at least four to five days in advance of the event. It can be very difficult to find accommodation one day before the event. 

Even if you are lucky enough to get a room at the last minute, expect to pay twice as much or three times the list price. 

Avoid carrying valuables to the party- Theft is quite common at such parties. You should leave all valuables at the hotel and only take the essentials, such as money and your room keys. 

Avoid Drugs – This is a major concern at Full Moon Parties. They are not only expensive but also illegal. You want to have fun but you don’t want to make a big deal out of it and end up getting arrested.

Keep Hydrated- After dancing and drinking for hours, it is easy to feel dehydrated. You should drink water at regular intervals.

Enjoy the Full Moon Party if you’re lucky enough to attend one.