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The Best Cannabis Storage For Commercial Use

We recognized the need for more security and space-saving options in commercial establishments, Lift and Grow set up to design a facility for storage that addresses the problems cannabis distributors and growers have to confront. 

Since the beginning of time Lift and Grow has developed automated overhead lifts, honed safety features, and increased capacity for load, creating the standard for the overhead storage of cannabis.

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Smart Greenhouses & The Green Rush

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How does an overhead cannabis storage system Function?

One of the major benefits of cannabis storage using an overhead light is the fact that it doesn't need you to increase or change the configuration of your space. 

Instead, it can be mounted directly onto the ceiling and even makes use of shelves already in place which is especially useful when your existing setup is intended to keep terpene and cannabinoid content.

You might not have considered it this way previously, but you pay for the ceiling space, and it's probably not being used. A commercial cannabis lift could transform this area into a securing storage facility.

When the storage lift is set up, our team will attach an enclosure that secures your goods. They can accommodate as much as 3,000 pounds and measure up to thirteen feet by six feet. 

Every facility grows differently and our team strives to retrofit an option that is tailored to the specific space you have. Finally, we will integrate the lift into a system that can move the storage device from the ground to its upper-level destination. 

By pressing a button, employees will retrieve items within a matter of minutes and then transport the security system for cannabis back up the stairs.