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The Real Value of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

If you are in the replacement window market, you must have heard of the excitement to rave reviews among window sellers about the benefits of energy-efficient replacement windows. They are credited with adding value to your home, reducing the energy bill on your home, isolating your home, and stopping condensation on windows. The true value of your energy-efficient replacement windows is a benefit that you and your family can enjoy every day: added comfort in your home.

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The best way for windows energy-efficient windows to add to the comfort of your home is with extra insulation. We offer only triple glazed glass windows with a gas fill between the panels to slow down the airflow from one side to the other. This prevents annoying air leaks and heat loss.

More privacy

The triple-glazed windows also protect against outside noise, better than the regular double-glazed windows others have. If you live near heavy traffic, noisy neighbors, or just want to play loud music when you're alone at home, triple-glazed windows give you the privacy you need in your own home. Don't wake up early or stay up late because of the noise outside.


Large seals are great in the dead of winter, but on nice summer days, you may want to open the windows and let some fresh air in. With so many different window replacement styles available at Windows, you can have as little or as little ventilation as you want. The double hinge and sliding window have two fully functional sashes that move in opposite directions.