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A Garden Room: Give Your Property A New Dimension

Nowadays it has become fashionable to create additional space on the property by building greenhouses, conservatories or garden spaces. This asset is valued because it adds charm and can also add value to your property. Garden cabins in particular have had more success than others.

A Garden Room: Give Your Property A New Dimension

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Moreover, from the real estate agent's point of view, they only see a significant increase in value when the "winter garden" becomes a "garden space" with solid walls, full central heating, and a tile roof. However, the property's location and garden space will affect the value of your French property.

However, building a garden is rarely motivated by a desire to increase the value of a house, but rather by practical and aesthetic considerations. Here are some of the advantages that a garden space can offer:

More comfortable in a winter-A sturdy, insulated roof helps maximize insulation

Lower heating costs. A smaller coolant is required because of the smaller surface area.

More comfortable in summer- The sturdy, insulated roof offers better protection from the sun and keeps the room cooler and passengers more comfortable in summer.

Lower cooling costs. It takes fewer windows to open and there is no need to purchase roof blinds.

More privacy- A sturdy, insulated roof provides better visual and acoustic integrity. 

Despite the name, a garden space is more like an extension of the house than an additional structure to your garden.

In terms of building permits, garden spaces are subject to the same restrictions as greenhouses. There may be some exceptions so you should check with your local planning department before building.