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Reduce Indoor Noise Inside your Home with these Tips

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Indoor plants are known to have a ton of benefits like absorbing sound. This is a quality loved by indoor plant owners where they get to experience a peaceful time while staying indoors. Moreover, keeping more indoor plants allow homeowners to save money rather than spending on AC units. Failure to keep indoor plants can become frustrating especially if you live in a busy street packed with crowds and vehicle sounds. If you live in such a busy street, then you can follow these tips to help you to enjoy staying indoors.

  1. Consider Using Large Planters – Large planters are recommended to be used in order to absorb more sound while keeping your home peaceful. Just ensure that the planter you use is bigger in size for better results.
  2. Consider Keeping More Indoor Plants – A single plant is capable of absorbing sound. However, you won’t be experiencing any benefits. Rather than keeping just one plant, you should keep more plants in order to experience peace when staying indoors. This will definitely help you.
  3. Consider the Position of the Plant – Having more plants isn’t the only solution to experience sound absorbing capabilities. You should also consider the positioning of the plants indoors. Rather than keeping all the plants in the central position, you should consider targeting the corners. This way is great allowing the plants to absorb more sounds coming from different corners of the walls.

Along with these tips, learn more by doing office plant hire asap.

What are Indoor Plants?


An indoor plant is that plant that has the capability of growing and surviving under low-light. This type of plant comes in different types, sizes, shapes, etc. There are indoor plants that can require constant watering while others require extreme low-light for their survival. These are some of the qualities of indoor plants.

  • Foliage – A quality indoor plant is known to have thick foliage instead of thin.
  • Root System – having healthy root system is the sign of a healthy indoor plant. One can easily see healthy root system of a small indoor plant. While larger indoor plants have a root system comprising of thick and light-colored roots.
  • Diseases – Just like humans and animals, indoor plants too are known to catch a disease. Some of the signs of indoor plants having a disease include; sticky residue present on the plant surface, bad smell and white dots.

Now you know about the qualities, let’s see some of the best indoor plants.

  • Peace Lily – With the help of little water, the peace lily is considered to be one of the most popular ones. This plant is capable of surviving under little water as the soil remains moist most of the time.
  • Philodendron – Another popular indoor plant after peace lily is the Philodendron. Moreover, this plant grows under low-lighting condition and is known to attract little pests.
  • Dracaena – Long green leaves is what describes the Dracaena. However, the foliage tends to grow at a faster rate requiring occasional pruning.

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