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Comparing Organic with Non-Organic Produce Facts to Know

Brisbane organic shops

Organic food has emerged as a sensation in the healthy eating arena. As per the definition and regulations, organic foods are produced with zero use of additives, chemicals, and fertilizers. And if you wonder how to differentiate them, you will find details on the packaging. While a mention of chemicals or artificial colours would label it non-organic, a stamp from the regulatory authority will certify the organic approach.

While that’s all about how to know the difference, here’s why you should choose organic foods always.

  • No Chemical or Pesticide Use: The primary reason for labelling them as healthier options, organic foods are grown without any chemical or pesticide. They come from crops grown in a natural environment.
  • Lower Nitrate Levels: Organic foods tackle the problems caused by high nitrate levels in the food. Various tests on organically grown crops have shown a 30% drop in the nitrate levels as compared to non-organic options.
  • Higher Nutritional Values: When compared with conventional produce, organic foods bring a better nutritional blend to the table. They have higher levels of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamin C. Consuming such nutrition-rich items helps protect against health issues like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and aging.
  • Value for Money: Due to the lack of chemicals and pesticides, organic produce may be less than non-organic one. This could translate to relatively higher prices. But paying a few bucks more for healthier food is much better than those hefty medical bills later in life.

Thus, you should always look for organic shops in Brisbane when you go out for grocery shopping for healthier eating.