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Tips To Set a Picture On a Bare Wall

Regardless of how you choose to add a picture to your bare wall, be sure to take proper measurements before starting. You don't want your picture to look fuzzy or distorted when it's finished.

Selecting the right frame can be a bit of a challenge, so take your time and try several different ones out. You'll be able to find one that fits your tastes and décor perfectly. For example, if you have a modern home with simple lines, an open white or metal frame is perfect.

If you prefer thick frames and simple patterns, consider a design with lots of texture and color. You can even find frames designed to match the style of your furniture and buy them from The Art and Mirror Hanging Company.

When painting over old wallpaper, it's best to use a sandpaper-type primer before applying paint. This will better prepare your wall for the new paper. Apply a thin coat of primer over the entire surface so that it penetrates deep down into the paper fibers.

Once the primer has dried, you can paint over the entire wall. When painting a large area, it's best to use an extension pole so you can reach high areas.

After you're finished painting, leave it overnight so that all of the paint dries before you touch it again. A great idea if your living room features wood furniture is to use a color combination that complements your furniture, rather than matches the colors exactly.

For example, instead of painting the floor and walls all in the same shade of blue, consider alternating between lighter and darker shades on the walls and then applying different shades of blue to accent pieces such as your sofa or rug.