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Learning Martial Arts To Be A Badass

This is nothing but a childhood dream, to be honest. But you cannot deny that it would be really cool to learn this in the name of becoming cool like the ones on television, anime, and movies. And you need to admit then when you are imagining yourself kicking ass that you may seem just a little bit cooler than usual. So if it were us, we would be learning martial arts in Dallas TX.

At least if you are done trying to show off on everyone, you can finally be able to defend yourself just in case something bad happens. As long as you actually take the whole thing seriously, then you should be good.

And do not slack off in training okay, because it is not every day that you could work o trying to kick the asses of so many people. And as long as you actually do not use that kind of skill to bully people, then you would not be branded as an unpleasant person.

Learn it for self-defense and not to actually cause some kind of strife in your community. Sure, you can show off by flipping and showing some moves here and there. But as long as you do not actually hurt other people for it, then you can just go ahead and do that.

Never use them for attacking people. You can help people with it and even defend yourself when a dub prick thinks to attack you when you are coming home form either work or school. And when you have the time, maybe you could teach some of your younger siblings and cousins in how to defend themselves just in case they need to.

Hopefully, they really will not have to but we are not the boss of this world and this world is so incredibly cruel and unpredictable. We have to be prepared no matter what and this is one of the best ways to actually do that. That and having a pepper spray with you at all times.

But what are the chances of you pulling that out of your bag when the needs come? You would have to unzip your big and leg through all of that and in that time span, you would either already be stabbed or dead and open the ground already. Just saying, you know?

If only we could install some kind of built-in pepper spray into our wrists like how Spider-Man has his webs stuff on his hands. And it can just easily attack your very own attacker. That, or install some kind of blade that could safely be hidden into your wrist and when there is someone thinking of attacking you, you could press your to palm innocently to her neck and then activate it.

See? You could just easily shiv them unawares. But then again a blade needs to be licensed and you can actually go in malls if you have that. So pepper spray it is, then. And you could do the same by innocently pressing your palm to their faces and the activating it.