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Choosing an Israel Program

The traveller who given a choice of dozens of Israel programs from which to choose. From a distance, some of them seem beautiful and attractive, but not all of them live up to their PR.

Choosing the right Israel program for each individual requires a little thought and planning, but there are so many good choices that a traveller can manage to find a program that will offer a true Israel experience. You can browse to know more about the Israel tour guides.

1. The last contact the participants so that they can give their opinion about the program. This is probably the most important tip. An hour of research can make the difference between beautiful semesters abroad and disappointing.

2. Critical Look what it promises?

A. Arrangements. Does life “living in society” means an apartment in the city project? If these facilities are well kept-up-? Are there any guards in place?

b. Work what is work experience? Do the participants have the opportunity to have a say in what they would volunteer work? Does the tour operator receives a salary that “volunteers” productive, or it is a true opportunity volunteer / internship? 

c. Free is it really a free program? Whether they pay? If the program is “free” but the participants pay for their food, whether the program actually ended up costing less than the program where meals are taken care of?