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Light Therapy For Skin Care

New innovations are brought to us every day and in the field of skincare, it is very common to see a new cream called revolution. However, some devices can treat our skin and nowadays light therapy for skincare has become more and more important.

There are many uses and benefits of this technique, from clearing the skin of acne, stimulating collagen and rejuvenating the skin, to healing and moisturizing the skin naturally. You can also practice the advantages of LED light therapy via RubyLED. In this article, we’ll take a look at what light therapy can do for your skin and why it can replace most of your skincare routine.

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First, skincare light therapy has nothing to do with ultraviolet light, which makes sense since UV rays should be avoided if your skin needs healing for any condition. For this reason, your dermatologist recommends that you avoid exposing your skin to the sun, for example during acne treatment. Light therapy is not a substitute for tanning, so don’t expect sunburn, again, light therapy products don’t use UV lamps.

In fact, the light treatment is LED light therapy, a technology that has been scientifically proven to improve skin problems such as acne, ageing, and hyperpigmentation. Red light is the most commonly used “colour” and is considered the most important.

In general, red light therapy is a multifunctional treatment for the skin. It actually heals the skin and can treat signs of aging (reduction of wrinkles and fine lines or age spots) but also sun-damaged skin or acne.