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Know Why Your Car Brakes Squeak

You should all be aware of the fact that brakes are a very important feature for vehicle safety. Therefore, screeching brakes can easily cause a driver to panic. Sometimes brake squeak can be a real problem as it can mean our brakes have failed and other times it may not be cause for concern. 

However, it should be noted that certain sounds from vehicle brakes are considerably common and are produced by different driving circumstances. For example, harsh braking conditions, dusty or sandy conditions, or even humidity can make sounds different from vehicle brakes. However, after seeing such conditions it is recommended to car owners to fix car brakes as soon as possible before the situation gets worst.

How To Adjust Brakes on a Car

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Some of the most common causes of screeching brakes in a car are as follows:

Rust On The Rotor:

This is fairly common, and it has been seen that a car's disc brakes tend to scream when parked outdoors all night. Most brakes scream after sitting at night because the moisture from rain, dew, or condensation has accumulated on the surface of the rotor. 

When there is moisture on the surface of the rotor, a thin layer of rust forms on the surface. Fine rust particles form on the leading edge of the bearing, which in turn causes a squeaking sound. This creak continues until the rust is removed from the rotor. 


Occasionally, the rear brake will squeak when the brake pedal is depressed. This indicates that the point of contact between the shoe and the base plate needs to be lubricated. Once the contact points lose lubrication, the metal begins to rust. In this case, the shoe will scratch the support plate, which in turn will cause a squeak as the wheels turn.