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Guidelines to Vitamins for Women

Many health experts today recommend that people take at least one supplement of multivitamins, but, in our opinion, there are many other more sophisticated supplements on that market jammed pack with nutrients that go far beyond what you can get in your typical multivitamin supplement. You can check out more about supplements for anxiety and stress at

However, basic vitamins and minerals are a good place to start ensuring optimal health. Women in particular should pay attention to having enough calcium and magnesium minerals. This is because women get older, they tend to suffer fragile bones more easily than men. At its worst average age women and beyond undergo higher osteoporosis levels. Other important minerals include: zinc, copper and selenium.

Vitamins for women

With regard to vitamins for women, are looking for them to add vitamin C, E, folic acid (especially for pregnant women or who think of becoming pregnant) and a broad spectrum of vitamins B. Be careful not to take too much soluble fat vitamins like E and A because too much of a good thing is a bad thing and the accumulation of these vitamins can lead to toxicity. Any good anti aging program should go beyond just vitamins for women. This is because vitamins in themselves (although necessary) are weak antioxidants.