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How The Education System Can Take A Great Leap With Technology?

Many start-ups are targeting the education market, as technology makes it easier and more cost effective to bring education to the poorer regions of the world. This is one of the hot investment areas and where there is profit, there is progress.

But what about the richest countries whose education system haven't changed in generations and are under budget pressures? The government has grant programs for those start-ups looking to improve the education process and today, investors think favorably of government funding as it does not consume equity in a start-up. You can also look for the best interactive learning methods online.

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On the downside, investors don't like the education system because it is notoriously cheap, has long sales cycles, and is risk averse. With such government emphasis on education improvements, the investors are sure there will be some start-up winners.

Education is likely to follow suit. We have been dabbling with distance and online learning for more than a decade. The technical capability is there, now it's just a matter of adoption. The poorer and developing countries will lead the way and start with using technology to educate the masses more efficiently. Eventually this trend will transition into the US school system.

As a parent, elementary school children aren't capable of being self-directed learners, they will always benefit from the constant daily attention of teachers. As children become older, they are more capable of being self-directed and by the time they get to college, students spend little time in the formal classroom setting.