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Know About Soft-Serve Machines

Soft-serve machines are another specialty refrigeration unit that can produce frozen desserts using a liquid base mixture. You can make ice cream, ice yogurt, gelato, and other frozen desserts using a variety of mixes. Machines that can produce large quantities of ice cream are best suited for large crowds.

Smaller machines for smaller customer orders are located near the counters at quick-service restaurants. It is important to determine how much mix the machine can hold before you shop for one. The capacities range from 8.5 to 72 quarts. You can buy the best soft serve machine via browsing the web.

ice cream machine

Soft-serve machines inject air into the base mixture, giving it a soft consistency and increasing its volume. The product's overrun is the percentage of air that has been forced into it. For example, 16 ounces mixed with 100 percent will yield 32 ounces of frozen product. 24 ounces will be produced by a 50 percent overrun. 

It is important to ensure that you do not overrun. A product with too much air will become grainy and thin. Too little air will make it hard to dispense.

Although soft-serve desserts and shakes can be lucrative, the equipment's initial cost can sometimes prove prohibitive. Many manufacturers offer leases or lease-to-own options. Calculate the number of desserts/drinks you will need to sell each day to pay the equipment and ingredient payments.