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Styles of Large Cross Pendants

The large cross pendant is part of popular jewelry among young people. It comes in a variety of styles from Celtic to gothic and is usually attached to a chain necklace. Styles can be used to represent a person's religious affiliation or simply as a decorative item.

The materials used in designing the cross and chain usually silver or gold medals. Celtic designs are usually more severely enhanced using other affiliated symbols in the center of the cross. This particular piece of jewelry can be worn alone or in combination with other types of chain necklaces. You can buy saint benedict medal from

Large cross pendant has its origins in the early days of the church. Leaders of various religious sects in the Middle Ages would often wear a pendant as a kind of talisman to keep them protected in time of the battle.

For many years wearing a cross symbol associated with the religion mainly practiced by Christians. You'll still find great jewelry items worn by ministers and nuns who are affiliated with the Christian church today.

Today even religious designs for pendants worn by all types of people. A larger force of this pendant has become more of a fashion statement than a symbol of religious affiliation. You can find them in all kinds of stores.

They are often sold in boutiques directed young fashion trends. This item can be found in silver and silver-plated material. You can also find them in department stores that carry jewelry items.

In addition to a large cross pendant style, you will find many items of small crosses as well. A larger force is sometimes considered to be more masculine in the design of the pieces are smaller. It is a popular fashion accessory for many young people to wear under their clothes.