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What Is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is making inroads within the manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive industries. It offers the promise of greater mobility and advancements that could enable tiny internet of things devices (IoT), to get power from far away. You can buy powerful wireless charger for the charging needs of your devices anywhere anytime.

Wireless technologies that are most widely used today rely on an electromagnetic field created by two copper coils. This greatly reduces the distance between a charging pad and the device. This is the charging method Apple used in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

According to a renowned research manager, there are three types of wireless charging: those that use electromagnetic inductive charging, whether tightly coupled or not; charging bowls and through-surface chargers that use radiative electromagnetic resonance charging to transmit a charge within a few centimeters; or uncoupled radio frequency (RF), which allows for trickle charging at long distances.

Both loosely-coupled resonant and tightly coupled inductive charging work on the same principle: A time-varying magnetic field induces a current within a closed loop of wire.

Six years ago, the first mobile device wireless chargers were invented. They used inductive or tightly coupled charging. This requires that users place their smartphone on a pad to allow it to charge.

Wireless charging technology is most commonly used in mobile device charging pads. However, it is also being used in small IoT devices such as warehouse robots and tiny IoT devices.