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Tips for successful baby sleep

Sometimes it is not as easy to put your baby to sleep as it is when you are following a gradual program. There are times when all the advice from the experts can't even solve your baby’s sleep problems. When things don't work out and the experts run out of ideas, these baby sleep tips may be just what you need for sleeping tonight.

Tips for successful baby sleep

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Father's duty

Unfortunately, sometimes babies can only think about breast milk when caring for their mother. This can be a real problem when trying to leave your baby at night. 

Do some homework

In this case, vacuuming and running the dishwasher will double your housekeeping work and help your baby sleep better. Since babies are used to sounds in the womb, white noise is a welcome companion.

Get to the point

Babies need to learn that night is before bedtime. So keep playing and giggling all day long. Keeping the lights low and turning off sounds when you put the baby to sleep at night or when you put the baby to sleep will help your baby move smoothly into a relaxed state.

Let the baby sleep alone

Learning to sleep is an important part of a baby's development. You can help your baby develop this skill by leaving him alone when he is sleepy. If you wait until the baby is completely asleep, they will become accustomed to the rocking motion.

Do what the jet setters do

Before traveling to a new time zone, experts suggest doing things the way you did there. Let your baby adapt to life outside the womb by exposing him to lots of suns during the day and dimming the lights at night.