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Functions Of Grease Traps In Auckland

The main function of the grease trap is to prevent the entry of grease, oil and solid particles into the kitchen and public sewers. Grease, oil and solids can clog drains, causing backflow, creating a serious pollution problem. Sewer blockages from washing oily water in the kitchen sink can be very big in winter because the oil can clot as a solid. You can avail the benefits of #1 Grease Trap & Converter Cleaning Services in Auckland for grease trap cleaning.

Fats, oils and fats are the main components of kitchen wastewater. They end up in underground sewers if not found early. This problem is especially serious in restaurants because of the large amount of oily wastewater that hardens and clogs drains. You can stop oily substances and avoid unnecessary costs for opening and cleaning pipes.

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Commercial establishments such as restaurants and shops are required by law to set traps to ensure that no large amounts of grease, solids, oil and waste enter the sewer system. This trap must be installed on sanitary waste and kitchen waste.

Especially for restaurants and other retail stores, it is important to choose the correct size and type of trap as required by law. You should also check the minimum frequency period when you need to clean.

They are very useful in reducing the pollution that can return to rivers and lakes. The smaller ones just need to be cleaned by hand periodically, and the accumulation can just be thrown in the trash. However, the larger units in the underground system need to be pumped and the contents can be recycled.