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Sealing Granite Slabs to Keep Them Looking New

Granite slabs used for countertops can come in different finishes. The most common is a smooth and glossy finish, which is achieved by intensive polishing at the fabrication factories using huge sanders for smoothing the surface and rotating pads for buffing it.

Many people today prefer a matte appearance for their granite countertops. That is often used for floors and also for use in toilets in which it's dangerous to have a rock that's extremely smooth. Matte is accomplished by utilizing rougher, larger-grained sanders.

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Sealing Granite Slabs to Keep Them Looking New

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You'll also encounter flamed granite kinds. These countertops are exposed to a torching procedure, making for a textured appearance. The tumbled appearance, on the other hand, features borders which are more curved than others.

To safeguard whatever end you pick for your house, you need to always ensure the slab is suitably sealed.

Sealing granite slabs to make them last a life

Acids can be quite unpleasant and may make a mess of the sealer of your countertop. At the kitchen, there are a whole lot of substances which are contaminated and whose clogs, therefore, shouldn't be left unwiped on the countertop. Some instances are juice, vinegar, and even java.

As time passes, these spills can eat off at the sealant applied to the surface of the countertop. While this erodes, the liquid could find its way to the rock itself and throughout the distances between the particles, which makes stains lasting.