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Thumb Sucking: Gentle Ways to Break the Habit

Before we get started with our weaning strategy, here are some important facts you should know:

First, it's important to know that thumb sucking is a natural reflex in babies. Sucking on a pacifier, finger, or object is a great form of self-relaxation and can help your child feel secure. When you put objects and fingers in your mouth, babies and toddlers get to know their world.

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In older children, thumb sucking aids self-regulation and even with falling asleep. Some children only need this constant stimulation in their mouth, so it's natural to suck on their thumb or finger as they will always be available to them.

To help your child wean his thumb or even the pacifier, you need to understand why they do this. Is it because he's looking for stimulation in his mouth or because he's bored? Understanding why will make the weaning process more efficient.

The American and Canadian Dental Association actually recommend using a pacifier rather than thumb sucking. You see, pacifiers can affect your teeth and mouth just like sucking your fingers and thumbs, but it's often easier to break the habit. You can remove the pacifier at any time – it can be difficult to remove your child's thumb when they are about to wean.

The intensity of children's thumb sucking plays a role in determining whether dental problems can arise. Some children passively insert their thumbs into their mouths, which is less likely to cause dental problems than those who suck their thumbs vigorously.