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Why Buy Fair Trade Wholesale Clothing

 More and more people are now looking into buying sustainable apparel. There are many retailers these days that sell such items online and in their stores in order to create fairer trading. Fair trade wholesale clothing is a way of supporting sustainable apparel that is made in the developing countries.

There are many advantages for the communities that depend on fair trade. Many of the workers who create these products are deprived women with small children to support. They often work in dangerous working conditions and are required to work exceptionally long hours.

The clothes produced by these workers are often the result of the extensive community efforts of many workers contributing to completing the garment. These items are not just limited to clothes, as bags, jewelry, scarves, and many more accessories are also created by these workers. These items are environmentally safe and traditional methods are used to create them.

The workers use traditional methods like block printing on embroidery, weaving, and many other techniques to create these items. They do not leave a carbon footprint unlike the methods used in factories and other industrial settings. This is what fair trade is all about as it takes the health and safety of all the workers as well as the planet into account.

Many factors are responsible for the poor working conditions of people in the developing world. As free trading laws have become the norm in the developed countries, big manufacturers are relying on the cheap labor in the poor countries to create their clothes. This has resulted in a massive exploitation of human rights and working conditions.

The profits gained by big corporations are the result of cheap labor and there is little consideration towards the environment. If people stopped buying the clothes from these suppliers, they will help laborers in the developing countries. Sustainable trading ensures better growth and development in poor communities and helps preserve the traditional methods of producing crafts.

Aside from coffee and chocolate, there are other products such as apparel that are increasingly in demand in the developed countries. By buying sustainable clothing, you not only benefit from owning an original handmade piece, but you will also help sustain the environment. These types of clothing are affordable and fashionable as they are made with high quality organic materials, which enhance their durability. Since the apparel is made using weaving and hand embroidery techniques, a lot of attention is paid to detail. The natural garments like pure silk and cotton are used to create authentic items that offer a comfortable feel. Furthermore, companies that use synthetic fabric like polyester will only cause pollution to the environment so it is best to avoid buying mass produced clothing from big brands.

Handmade clothes distributed by sustainable trading companies ensure that the workers and their families earn a fairer income. At the same time, the tradition of making such apparel will be kept alive due to supply and demand in the market. The next time you decide to buy clothes, think about the fact that you are not only supporting the workers in the developing world, but you will also sustain their craft traditions and preserve the environment.