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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Shock Absorbers

If your truck has traveled more than 60,000 miles, or if you notice a decrease in your ride comfort or control while driving, you may need new shock absorbers. Buying parts for your truck can be tricky, especially if you don't know what a part does or how to tell if a part needs to be replaced. This article will tell you what they do and how they work.

What Do Shock Absorbers Do?

These dampers reduce the bounce you get when hitting or driving on tough road conditions. They will help make your trip smooth. This is great for comfort, but more significantly, it keeps your wheels on the surface of the road which improves your control and management. It also influences your driving and stopping. As a result, rear shock absorber not only make your truck more comfortable but also safer.

All You Need To Know About Shock Absorbers

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When Should The Shock Absorbers Be Replaced?

The life of the shock absorbers depends on the kilometers traveled by your truck and the conditions that are traveled for those miles. Driving in the city on straight highways produces less wear than abroad with lots of bumps and turns. Here are some signs your shock absorber needs replacing.


Does your truck have a mileage of over 60,000?


Do you see three or more jumps if you hit while driving? Either, you can hit the corner of your truck while it's parked at ground level and see if it bounces more than once.

Over Rolling:

Does your truck move awkwardly when turning or stopping?


Do you see any leaks or stains on your shock absorbers?