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The Three Anxiety Disorders

We are all unique people. And how we experience stress and anxiety is unique. However, most people who are afraid more or less fall into one of these categories. 

We can even mix and match by picking up some of the symptoms of different disorders. You can learn the following strategies yourself (using books or taking courses, for example) or you can consult with a trained professional for Anxiety recovery at The Serenity Method.

Panic disorder

This form of fear usually begins with a spontaneous panic and progresses to an overwhelming fear of various experiences such as driving a car, shopping, traveling to the unknown, and being alone. 

Most of it is a learned behavior. For example, if you drive a car, you will have a panic attack, and from then on you may be afraid to drive. Chances are the two have nothing in common, but a connection is built into your brain.

Specific phobia

Specific phobias are forms of situational panic, such as fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of insects or snakes, or claustrophobia. This is not just an act of fear, but a real fear that manifests itself in fear or panic. 

Specific or isolated phobias are related to situations and can be cured by removing them from the event or situation that caused the fear. 

Social phobia

Social phobia is a pathological fear that manifests itself specifically as fear of shame that is limited to public speaking or can be part of a global shame that limits social experiences, including dating, marriage, and friendships. 

People with social phobia often have low self-esteem and don’t feel well enough. This could be children being chosen or having overprotective parents.