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Sponsoring Family Members Into Canada

Canada has a long history of rejoining families together. The candidates who have permanent citizenship over there are able to sponsor their family members to come to Canada such as spouses, dependent kids, and even parents.

If you also want to apply for family sponsorship to Canada visit and submit your applications for further procedures.

Everything you need to know about Family Sponsorship in Canada

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Changes to the program include:

There is a 30% expansion to the minimum necessary income. Instead of requiring the sponsor of the amount for the family size, the proponent will now meet more than 30% SFR. So if a family with two children wanted to sponsor the grandparents, the amount of income needed would be $ 71,991 instead of $ 55 LICO $ 378.

The period demonstrates INM went from one to three years. A sponsor must now demonstrate that it has made the necessary income for a period of 3 consecutive years of tax before submitting the sponsorship application.

Proof of income is restricted to documents issued by the Canada Revenue Agency. Only CRA notice of assessment will be considered acceptable documents to establish the new income threshold. All other documents will be rejected.

Sponsoring companies will be extended from 10 to 20 years. Anyone looking for parents or grandparents of the sponsors and family members who will be required to commit to a company of 20 years. This means that developers will be required to reimburse the provincial assistance benefits paid to the parent or grandparent for 20 years.