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Signs To Identify Raccoons Living In Your Basement?

When summer starts to come to an end, you can bet that the wild animals will be looking for a place to den for the winter. One of the most common nuisance animals who want to make their home in our property is a raccoon.

Raccoons are very intelligent and have human-like claws so that they can easily gain access to the attic, crawl space, roof, garage, walls, and more. One place as to where the raccoon is hiding in the cellar. There, they do all kinds of damage that could turn into expensive repairs and renovations bill.

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Raccoon basement

Typically, raccoons chose a higher place to make their homes, such as the attic and roof. But sometimes, they prefer the basement if they are warm and dry, not wet and cold. The house on warm, dryer areas of the country is more vulnerable to a raccoon living in the cellar.

Signs of Activity Raccoon

There are certain signs to look for when checking raccoon activity in your home or basement.

Start by looking for clear evidence of a raccoon, as the foul smell, feces, or urine. Also looking to chew electrical wires, ripped or torn insulation, stains on the walls, or the strange chattering noises. If you hear a raccoon in your basement, but cannot see them, do not try to fund them.

Instead, leave your home immediately and call the wildlife rescue and control of local companies to secure a raccoon removal service. They maintain the proper licenses, permits, equipment, and training to provide services raccoon extraction and exclusion of non-lethal to both residential and commercial properties.